Soundproofing glass

More peace and comfort.

Optimum passive sound insulation is always a planning task for the entire building. In addition to determining the sources of noise, it is important to determine the desired sound insulation depending on the respective use of space. Not only the sound-absorbing properties of the individual building materials and components are to be considered, but also how they interact with each other.

Each “noise spectrum” consists of many frequencies with different intensity. Depending on usage, different means of transport already have very different noise spectrums. Therefore, for good soundproofing, a precise knowledge of the respective noise source is of considerable importance.

More than 80% of people in the industrialised countries of Europe are affected by the noise of everyday life, especially traffic noise. Your organism responds to this constant burden of physical and psychological stress. Such permanent stress is a recognised cause of cardiovascular disease. However, if noise can neither be avoided nor reduced (active noise control), intelligent ways of passive noise reduction are required.


Soundproofing glass