Heat insulating glass

More living comfort and design options  

The individual feeling of well-being in any room is critically dependent on the temperature of the wall, window and glass surfaces. Any draughts, which may be subjectively regarded as unpleasant, are a result of cold surfaces. The better the thermal insulation properties of the glass, the warmer the surfaces in the room. This means ISOLAR NEUTRALUX® adds to comfort and contributes to better use of rooms.

Wherever high heat insulation, homogeneous exterior views of the facade and discretion are important, ISOLAR VACUREX® impresses with its performance and uncomplicated handling. ISOLAR VACUREX® is the highly efficient facade climate concept for future-oriented glass architecture. Due to low installation thicknesses, reduced weight and an attractive colour palette, the vacuum high performance panel opens up ideal solution and design options for architecture. Generous glass facades thus benefit from a variety of possible functions.


Heat insulating glass


Energy saving