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Optimum use of daylight through light guidance and light scattering

Glass and glazing connect rooms to the world outside. Energy efficient exploitation of daylight in this environment is one of the most demanding planning challenges. Multi-functional glazing is pre-destined to take on a variety of roles. ISOLAR VISOREX® aids efficient use of daylight with light dispersion and light deflection properties.

ISOLAR VISOREX® white - insulation glass with light dispersion properties

ISOLAR VISOREX® white works by distributing the incoming sunlight and daylight around the room without any hard shadows. At the same time, it reduces any blinding by direct sunlight, as the glass is translucent, but not transparent. So this delivers uniform illumination in the room while reducing the use of energy for artificial lighting.

Typical applications for ISOLAR VISOREX® white

  • Rooflights, ceiling and roof glazing in industrial construction,
  • Window skylights, partition walls in school and administration buildings,
  • All-round glazing, partition walls in sports halls
  • Elements for light design in museums, halls etc.

All ISOLAR VISOREX® products are fitted with a high performance heat insulating coating as standard, and so have the energy saving benefits of thermal insulation glass. It is also possible to combine these with noise insulation and attack resistant properties.


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