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  • - Sun protection
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More glass comfort with the push of a button.

Summer influences, such as overheating or glare, are dependent on the time of the day or the season as well as on the orientation of the building. Thanks to ISOLAR SOLARLUX® vario, the light conditions in the room can be regulated as desired and required. Optimum and individually controllable sun protection is provided by ISOLAR SOLARLUX® variodirect with built-in venetian blinds in the cavity and the dimmable sun protection glass ISOLAR SOLARLUX® variosolar.


Plan and design with light and shadow.

The thrifty use of valuable energy reserves starts as early as the planning phase for each house. Venetian blinds allow for an efficient use of light and shade. They can be used in an ideal way for shading and to protect against glare. Integration of built-in venetian blinds into ISOLAR® glass makes ISOLAR SOLARLUX® variodirect a sun protection system with special added benefits.

As they are located in the cavity, the slats are durably protected against dirt and dust and any mechanical disturbance. They are also completely maintenance-free and work in any weather conditions.

Delivery of ISOLAR SOLARLUX® variodirect as a complete system makes any additional attachments or fittings superfluous to needs. Depending on the design and motor type, ISOLAR SOLARLUX® variodirect can be integrated into any environment specified by the individual building design.

By skillfully choosing the glass structure and using the appropriate coatings, ISOLAR SOLARLUX® variodirect can be combined with numerous options for modern functional insulating glass.


The switchable sun protection glass.

The variable sun protection glass ISOLAR SOLARLUX® variosolar allows you to control light and heat transmission into rooms individually. A push of a button is all it takes to turn the glass a bluish colour or make it disappear again. Depending on the sun irradiation, the amount of solar energy coming into the building can be regulated perfectly which means the need for heating or cooling is reduced measurably. And even at the highest level of darkening - A clear view out is always guaranteed.

Mode of action of ISOLAR SOLARLUX® variosolar


ISOLAR SOLARLUX® variosolar uses a phenomenon known as the electrochromic effect. This means: The pane changes its optical properties by creating an electric voltage. The glass takes on a colour ranging from colourless to blue. ISOLAR SOLARLUX® variosolar then lets less energy pass through and raises the level of sun protection.. Just press the button again and the coating switches back from blue to colourless, allowing ISOLAR SOLARLUX® variosolar to exploit the free solar energy during the dark and cold seasons.

The transparency of the panes is regulated at the touch of a button, and merely requires some electrical energy to alter this transmission. So light and heat can be controlled in the room, and you control your own comfort levels as an energy manager.

ISOLAR SOLARLUX® variosolar needs to be installed and connected by qualified specialists.


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