An idea becomes reality

Nothing can stand in the way for the success of any business that solves a key problem for its customers better than anyone else. This general experience is impressively confirmed by the life and work of Alfred Arnold, the inventor of the ISOLAR® glass and founder of the ISOLAR® community. Right from the start he strove to increase customer benefit using technological innovation

It all started in 1959 when he replaced the normal stiff edge bonding of the time with an elastic, bonded system. The benefits for the customer were enormous: fewer failures, higher load-bearing capacity, increased working life.

In addition, delivery times were reduced, as ISOLAR® with this edging approach could be also be produced in a decentralised manner. But this “revolution” in the production of insulating glass was just the start. Granting licenses to other companies meant the ISOLAR® association grew in importance. And along with sheer size, the innovation power also grew.

Today, the ISOLAR® Group can boast special solutions for the widest possible range of challenges: ISOLAR NEUTRALUX® high performance insulating glass, ISOLAR AKUSTEX® sound insulating glass, ISOLAR SOLARLUX® sun protection glazing and ISOLAR MULTIPACT® are just some of the functional glass products in the range. A spirit of discovery and consistent customer orientation has made ISOLAR® one of the most prominent insulating glass brands in the world. At the same time, all the medium-sized companies in the association have kept their own independence. The latest steps in this direction are the presentation of the innovative products ISOLAR VISOREX® light guide glass, the vacuum panel ISOLAR VACUREX® for thermal insulation and finally the new bird protection glass ISOLAR ORNILUX®.


ISOLAR® is one of the largest associations of medium-sized, independent glass manufacturers in Europe with companies in Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Poland, Serbia, Vietnam and India. Members of the ISOLAR® group specialise in the processing and refinement of flat glass. ISOLAR®  has an extraordinarily wide range of products when it comes to flat glass. This industry leading position is both a strength and a responsibility for each member company. The decentralised structure is an ideal combination of flexibility and size - for your benefit.

Flexible, creative and innovative

Today, the focus of the group remains on production of insulating glass. Alongside this, the group also carries out all the production stages possible: from cutting, grinding, polishing and drilling glass using state-of-the-art technology, from matting, printing and gluing, all the way to the manufacture of safety glass (thermally toughened and laminated). Special aluminium constructions, point-supported facades, complete glass units and display cases are just some of the other products in the group’s range. The offer ranges from traditional leaded glazing and insulating glass for more energy efficiency to product innovations such as ISOLAR VISOREX® left-hand steering glass and ISOLAR ORNILUX® bird protection glass.

Quite justifiably, you expect tailored solutions for individual projects. As well as high quality products, this also includes excellent availability and comprehensive consulting expertise. Your ISOLAR® partner meets these requirements, as the close collaboration within the association makes him a highly competent full service supplier in your local area. The decentralised structure is an ideal combination of flexibility and size - for your benefit.

The benefits of your ISOLAR® partners at a glance:

  • High quality products, complete range
  • Quality assurance via internal and external monitoring
  • Advisory expertise in all aspect of glass
  • Flexibility of a medium-sized organisation
  • Decentralised structure, short lead times

In addition, ISOLAR GLAS Beratung GmbH is available as the central advisory office of the ISOLAR® Group to help with questions relating to any aspect of glass as a building material.