ISOLAR Glas Beratung GmbH is the central service provider for the ISOLAR® association. Your local ISOLAR® partners are members of the ISOLAR Glas Beratung GmbH and thus they determine the direction ISOLAR takes. The role of ISOLAR GLAS Beratung includes anything which is ideally only done in an association of companies. For example:

  • Composition of the ISOLAR® product range and proof of technical properties,
  • production of brochures and technical documentation on ISOLAR® products,
  • Supervision of manufacturing quality in the local ISOLAR® partners in accordance with common criteria,
  • Supporting the individual members with regard to all aspects of glass as a construction material,
  • Representing ISOLAR®’s interests in bodies and associations, with regard to German and international standards, or the world of politics etc.,
  • as well as the design and maintenance of this website.

Lastly, ISOLAR Glas Beratung provides information to planners and architects, processors and consumers regarding all aspects of glass as a construction material, Please get in touch with us!

We are the team at ISOLAR GLAS Beratung GmbH:

Hannes Spiß

Managing director

Phone: +49 (0) 6763 521
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Elke Roos


Phone: +49 (0) 6763 521
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Dieter Domann

Technical advice

Phone: +49 (0) 6763 521
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